Our Extermination Technique

How is the best?

Our Extermination Technique:

While any operator can lay a claim to latest materials, tools and thecnologies, we believe it is the people who make the difference. All of our Bed Bug exterminators have a passion for eliminating these Pests from your places of residence and work.

First our licensed exterminators listen to your concerns, then ask pertinent questions and make recommendation of treatment. They explain the nature of the treatment, the Dos and Don'ts, etc. Only if you wish, then they proceed with the actual extermination service.

We employ an insecticide spray application that has an excellent residual effect for at least 90 days. Which means you have an active defense shield against bed bugs growth in all the places where they may hide or nest. None of the heat applications can not provide this protection since soon after the heat is withdrawn, there is no residual left for any new bed bugs.

As well, the insecticide application is less likely to push bed bugs infestation into the new areas of the building whereas the heat treatment would make them to move away from the heat.

Why Choose Us

The level of professionalism of our customer service staff is evident of their training and experience when it comes to all Pest Control issues, particularly when it comes to Bed Bugs and Fleas related questions and concerns. Our staff know which questions to ask and what are the best suggestions for starting a research into Bed Bug related issues. Our exterminators have over a decade of experience and having seen all aspects of the Bed Bug infestations, they will not miss any aspect of this problem when employing solutions to resolve it.
We believe deployment of insecticide spray application delivers more durable results than high heat techniques. Also, the insecticide spray technique is much cheaper to deliver in comparison to high heat treatments. Also the treat to any household articles from high heat is avoided. The insecticide residual delivers a long lasting shield against not only existing but even new imports of Bed Bugs!
Our extermination services for Bed Bugs and Fleas infestations include a 7 months limited warranty. While more than 80% of our clients become free of these Pests with just one treatment, however, if you come to need a second application within that period, it will be provided free of cost as per the conditions of our limited warranty.

What makes us different?

Licensed Operator

We have been fully licensed by the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario to be a Pesticides Operator for over a decade. We are also a members of the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario and the Better Business Bureau.

Certified Exterminators

All of our Bed Bug exterminators are fully licensed as Exterminators by the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario. Whereas other providers may use technicians or apprentices, we strictly engage our experienced and licensed exterminators for Bed Bugs and Fleas cases.