Short of seeing a live bed bug, there are a number of signs that would indicate that you have a bed bug infestation.

  • Black spots that are the bed bug excrements. These are the most easily noticeable signs unless the background materials are of very dark colours. As well, these back dots appear as dots or streaks (if left on absorbing fabrics). The dots on non absorbing materials would be extruding and not too flat.
  • Bed Bug Skin Sheds are second most easily noticeable sign. Bed Bugs shed their skin at each growth stage of their life – five times – in a life time!
  • Bed Bugs themselves are the third most easily noticeable sign.
  • Bed Bug Eggs are fourth and least easily noticeable element of their infestation because these are the tiniest objects and are shiny white and translucent. These are easily seen against a darker backdrop with a good light condition. In poor light and light background, these are likely to be missed.