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can Bed Bugs be?

Not only that baby Bed Bugs are quite small, there is huge difference in size of a baby Bed Bug when they are running on empty versus when they are fully fed. Their size is only one half the problem of finding them. The other half is knowing their prefrences and where to look and how to look. Let us solve your Bed Bug problems.

Let us


your bed bug problems.

  • Licensed Pesticide Operator.

  • Certified Exterminators.
  • Experience 14+ years.

  • Member of SPMAO.

  • Better than Heat treatment.
  • 7 Months Warranty.

  • Cost effective & cheaper.

  • Member of BBB.

The remarkable change in the size and appearance of a baby bed bug. It takes about 5 minutes for the baby bed bug to completely feed itself during which it transforms dramatically.

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of our 14+ years of experience!

Why choose us?

The level of professionalism of our customer service staff is evident in their training and experience, particularly when it comes to bed bug and flea related questions and concerns. They know what questions to ask in order to provide you with most effective options for pest elimination. All our exterminators have over a decade of experience, have treated all kinds of bed bug infestations and are thorough in addressing each client’s particular situation.

We believe deployment of insecticide spray application delivers more durable results than high heat techniques. Also, the insecticide spray technique is much cheaper to deliver in comparison to high heat treatments. As well, the unnecessary high temperature impact to household items is avoided. The insecticide residual delivers a long lasting protective shield against not only the existing but even new occurrences of Bed Bugs!

Our extermination services for Bed Bugs and Fleas infestations include a 7 months limited warranty. While more than 80% of our clients become free of these Pests after just initial application, however, if you come to need a second application within that period, it will be provided free of cost as per the conditions of our limited warranty.

Licensed Operator

We have been fully licensed by the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario to be a Pesticides Operator for over a decade. We are also a members of the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario and the Better Business Bureau.

Certified Exterminators

All of our Bed Bug exterminators are fully licensed as Exterminators by the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario. Whereas other providers may use technicians or apprentices, we strictly engage our experienced and licensed exterminators for Bed Bugs and Fleas cases.

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Most of our clients are not only satisfied but they also refer their friends and family members in need of help to us.

“Your service was great. We have not had any indications of any pests since.”


“A tenant brought in some nasty bedbugs from a hostel she had stayed at in New York. Quest came in, did their thing – and the problem was rectified before it became a huge problem. This was a few years ago – and there hasn’t been a single problem/recurrence since. Great company – reasonable rates, effective service!! Well worth it!”

DAMION, HomeStars

“Called Quest and they got the job done with great service and quality!”

Elizabeth, YellowPages

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