How to Prevent Bed Bugs?

A few reminders:

The Sneaky Hitchhiker

Bed Bugs are likely to sneak their way into your bedroom via luggage movement. You may take your travel bag to an infested bed room like a hotel or friend’s place. Leave it there for a while on the bed. Let a bug sneak into it. Carry it back to your own residence and a few days later wake up to a surprise of Bed Bug bites.

So, it is simply crucial that you keep such articles that may have lots of slits, gaps and creases, etc – away from untrusted beds. When you travel and need to utilize temporary beds rooms, keep your bags and suitcases as far away from the beds as possible. Leaving unattended other items such as laptops, etc on the bed for extended period of time is also not a good idea. Bed Bugs are not likely to look for a host while there is movement in the bed as they do not want to be crushed. They will come for you once they sense that their host is asleep. Unless they are too hungry or infestation is bad.

  • Stay away from where Bed Bugs nest:

    If you suspect a place of residence may have bed bugs, stay away from the beds and sleep-in couches as much as possible. Bed Bugs are sneaky and not aggressive like fleas. They would not jump onto you. Read our detailed FAQ page for in depth understanding.

  • Do not bring in possibly infested furniture:

    Many a times, the infestation spreads by people bringing in good condition furniture that was left for trash. If you do not have the knowledge and experience of the signs of bed bugs’ presence, you may not notice if a furniture item is infested. To a novice the furniture may look a bit misused or not cared for properly. To an experienced eye there would be obvious signs of bed bug infestation. Bottom line – Be sure you know what you bring into your living spaces.

  • Visits by high risk individuals:

    Such professionals as support workers that daily visit many elderly and other people in need of support, are more at risk of inadvertently transporting bed bugs around, if they are not careful. Similarly, other people who may visit their clients’ bed rooms for other service deliveries are also at risk. So caution should be taken that unnecessary articles are not moved in and out of bedrooms such as bags and jackets. Rather those should be left at the entrance.

Suitcase placed on a bed where bed bugs can crawl into it.
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