for Insecticides Spray Application:

How to Prepare for Insecticides Spray Application

Prepare in the following priority:

  • Focus your attention on bed rooms and living room; particularly furniture elements where people sleep and rest.

  • Arrange for good lighting, garbage bags, vacuum cleaner and another person to extend a hand.

  • Discard garbage, give away unwanted items, organize and declutter the spaces.
  • Clear and Clean under and around the beds and night tables.

  • If you find any suspected bed bug, etc; store them for inspection by the exterminator.

The better you prepare, the quicker and longer lasting protection against bed bugs as the result of the spray application.

Pay Special Attention to Bed Components

Typically there are:

  • The HeadBoard

  • The Footboard

  • Mattress and Box-Spring

  • The supporting structure on which the Box-Spring rests.

  • Attached or Built-In Night Tables

  • Any Drawers or Storage Compartments.

You may have a very simple bed configuration or a highly sophisticated one. The preparation would depend upon how complex the bed set up is.

Next how many articles are in the vicinity of the bed and need to be scrutinized. Generally, any furniture (night table, book shelf or dressing table) within 2 feet of bed is highly suspect after the bed itself. Furniture that is more than 2 feet away (in initial infestation) is NOT likely to be contributing to the bed bug presence.

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