Extermination Technique:

We apply most advanced Bed Bug Extermination Pesticides available in Canada.

Dual Insecticides

We employ Dual insecticides spray application in and around all of the sleeping and resting arrangements at your property. We target all areas of possible bed bug nesting.

Our technique delivers an excellent knock down affect on existing bed bugs at all stages of life and an on going residual effect for at least 90 days. This defensive shield proves detrimental to any new accidental introduction of bed bugs over next couple of few months. None of the heat applications can not provide this protection since soon after the heat is withdrawn, there is no residual left to impact any new bed bugs. With our bed bug extermination technique, only preparation required is good and thorough cleaning. You do not need to dispose articles of bedding, etc.

While any operator can lay a claim to latest materials, tools and technologies, we believe it is the people who make the real difference. All of our Bed Bug exterminators have a passion for eliminating these Pests from your places of residence and work.

First our licensed exterminators listen to your concerns, then ask pertinent questions and make recommendations of treatment. They explain the nature of the treatment, the Dos and Don’ts, etc. Only if you wish, then they proceed with the actual extermination service.

As well, the insecticide application is less likely to push bed bugs infestation into the new areas of the building whereas the heat treatment would make them to move away from the heat.