Keeping in mind the habits and instincts of Bed Bug

Search in the following priority:

  • Natural raw and unfinished wooden elements (wooden planks on which boxspring may rest)

  • Fabric and leather elements (mattress, boxsprings and headboards)

  • And rigid and sturdy elements (plastic corners of box springs)

  • Soft and fluffy things like pillows and blankets (if you have them on those you would not need an inspection rather extermination service)

If you have found bed bugs in all of the above, then you may as well continue to the night tables and other pieces of furniture with 2 to 3 feet of the bed.

It’s a good idea to arrange for a good vacuum with a round brush to suck away bed bugs as you find them.

How to inspect for Bed Bugs?

We inspect this Ikea bed for Bed Bugs. The client has had many attempts at getting rid of the Bed Bugs.

Bed Bugs were an un ending battle in this situation of an Ikea bed. Clients has continued to make efforts to get rid of them but Bed Bugs persisted nonetheless. At this point we find a few surviving baby bed bugs in different sections of the bed components.

Make An Appointment

While there is decent information on our website and we are glad to help you over the phone there could be instances where an onsite inspection and consultation may be in order. Please call us to book an appointment for inspection or an extermination service.