for Bed Bugs

How to inspect for Bed Bugs?

This video presents an established infestation in an Ikea bed. The homeowners had been trying to get rid of bed bugs on their own for some time. This kept the infestation under stress and it did not develop into a more intrenched situation that is witnessed where the homeowners become aware of bed bug presence after it has been a few months.

Alas, the homeowners had to finally get professional bed bug extermination service. So this is a situation that was not completely out of control. Typical Bed Bugs nests had been vacuumed away a few times over several months. Still we find evidence of their presence and several baby bed bugs.


Most of our clients are not only satisfied but they also refer their friends and family members in need of help to us.

“Your service was great. We have not had any indications of any pests since.”


“A tenant brought in some nasty bedbugs from a hostel she had stayed at in New York. Quest came in, did their thing – and the problem was rectified before it became a huge problem. This was a few years ago – and there hasn’t been a single problem/recurrence since. Great company – reasonable rates, effective service!! Well worth it!”

DAMION, HomeStars

“Called Quest and they got the job done with great service and quality!”

Elizabeth, YellowPages