Shapes and Sizes of Bed Bugs

Pictorial Page 2

Bed Bug Sizes and Shapes – Pictorial Page 2

It is very important to get a clear mental picture of the size and dimension of Bed Bugs. It is a range from a small baby bed bug to a very large adult. The shape is pretty much oval – some Bed Bugs are more elongated than others.

An adult Bed Bug moving away from an egg.

A Bed Bug crawling past an egg. This is real life dimension.

This image clearly illustrates the size and shape of a Bed Bug and it’s egg. The Bed Bugs are not among the first evidence to catch your eye. These shiny almost translucent eggs are quite small. Also on lighter surfaces they will be hard to notice. In good light and on a darker background these eggs shine unmistakably.

Story of 2 benign looking factory made holes.

What 2 holes may hide from plain view - Bed Bug Nests!

Below you see two factory drilled holes in the frame of a bunk bed. It is a small portion of the story this bunk bed tells you. You see dried up black excrement. This black extruding marking is the tell tale sign of Bed Bug’s presence.

One Adult Female Bed Bug besides a 10 ¢ coin.

One female adult bed bug besides a 10 ¢ coin.

This female Bed Bug is quite large and in comparison to the 10 ¢ coin, it appears to be of decent dimensions. The head, which is broadly attached to the body, is clearly visible.

Two adult Bed Bugs besides a 10 ¢ coin.

2 adult bed bugs besides a 10 ¢ coin.

The longer bed bug on the upper right is a female. It still has blood in it’s body to consume. The smaller bed bug towards the lower right is a male. It is not as puffed up but rather flat like paper. It does not have much blood meal in it’s body to process.
The female is instinctively trying to exploit a gap between the coin and the surface it’s placed upon, but it fails.

Underside of a Box-Spring Corner.

Underside of a Box-Spring Corner.

This not zoomed in image shows why it might be easy to miss the bed bug signs of black excrements, shed skins and baby bed bugs for some one who does not deal with Bed Bug extermination on day to day basis. When the Bed Bug infestation is in the infancy these clues are vital for an early detection.

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