How do Bed Bugs Spread ?

On the backs of humans.

A discarded sofa by sidewalk.

A Sofa discarded by Curbside

Humans spread them. Inadvertently, of course. They feed on our blood. They nest in our beds. We place objects on or near our beds and couches. Then we move those objects with Bed Bugs snuck in them. And, bingo!

We feed the population and we migrate them from place to place. So what caused Bed Bugs’ spread? Humans!

Bed Bugs primarily nest in beds and couches. In cases of severe infestations, they are found to be on the person of people in transit facilities, medical offices and other places of social and business activity. Also, they are found to be in books, clothing and other items that are common to be found in bed rooms. When these items are transported, many a times, so are the bed bugs.

A Box Spring discarded by Curbside

A Box Spring discarded by the curtsied
Discarded Furniture:

One of the most common cause of their spread is people trashing furniture in good condition but because it has bed bugs. When people fail to mark the discarded furniture in an obvious way, others may take it as usable. Only in time they will realize the problem that they imported themselves. If you discard any infested item, please, mark it clearly that it has bed bugs or make it unusable. So that the bed bugs do not spread.

Again to summarize how does a Bed Bugs infestation reaches your home or office?

Though, possibilities are only limited to one’s imaginations, most likely reason for you to be finding signs of Bed Bug presence are:

Someone or something that was brought to your home or office from a place of medium to high infestations of Bed Bugs.

Introduction of infested furniture to a place yet to be infested.

Someone returning from a place of Bed Bug infestation and bringing a few stow away Bed Bug in their luggage.

In situations where people reside in places with very high level of Bed Bug infestation, these people are likely to be walking in public places while carrying Bed Bugs on their person !


For example, if you stay at a hotel room that has a medium to high level of bed bug infestation and if you leave your luggage on or near the bed, you are likely to carry some of those insects along the journey to your next place of stay.

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